Why measure the impact of chronic urticaria?

Chronic hives can be a very burdensome condition. The red hives, swelling and itch can impact people in many ways including their ability to concentrate, work or attend school, their relationships and their sleep. 1-3

Measuring how much chronic urticaria is impacting your life allows you and your doctor to determine what treatments to use and at what dose, and then assess whether the treatments are improving the quality of your life.


How bothered are you by your hives, the itch and any swelling?


Not bothered


Very bothered


How much does your hives impact on your daily activities?
Consider whether hives:


Impacts your work
Interferes with physical
Interferes with sleep
Interferes with
your spare time
Interferes with
social relationships
Interferes with what
foods you eat

How much does your hives interfere with your sleep?
For example:


Do you have difficulties
falling asleep?
Do you wake up during
the night?
Do you feel tired during
the day because of a
bad night sleep?

How much does your hives interfere with how you feel about yourself? Consider:

Are you embarrassed
because the hives can
be seen?
Are you embarrassed to
go out in public?
Are you unable to wear
certain clothes or
certain materials?
Do you have problems
using cosmetics and

Print and show your doctor these results

This tracker has been designed to see how much of your skin condition is affecting your life. It is not a diagnostic tool. Print your results and take them to your GP, dermatologist or allergy specialist so that they can better assess the impact on your life.


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1. Maurer M et al. Allergy 2011; 66:317–330. 2. Maurer M et al. Allergy 2017; 72: 2005-2016. 3. Mendelson M et al. J Dermatol Treat 2017; 28:229-236.